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Please pray for our sick and homebound:

Please remember the following members of our extended parish family:

Michael Monak - (nephew of Jean and Basil Glovinsky)

Joann Carrender - (friend of Sandy Martin)

Norman Glovinsky - now in Magruder hospital, Room 225

Denice Milano - (brother-in-law of Wayne & Heidi Golob)   

Rebecca Timko - for healing and restored health     

Metropolitan Paul of Aleppo - kidnapped in Syria; we pray for his safe return

Mar Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim - kidnapped in Syria; we pray for his safe return

Chase Cortez - PCHS student diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 

Karen Milano - for healing and restored health (Heidi Golob's sister)

Fran Bellman - for healing and restored health (friend of Pastor Robert Butcher)

Jean Glovinsky - now home and continuing rehab(for healing and restored health)

Lois Tuttamore  - for healing and restored health (wife of Bill Tuttamore, friend of Ron Royhab)

Lynn Ruggles - for health and recovery

Alison Pinckney - for healing and health (daughter of a friend of Wayne Golob)

Brad Biecheler - for healing and restored health (son of George Biecheler)

Martin Veronic - preparing for surgery - we pray for speedy and complete recover

Breanna Cordero - in treatment for a mass at the base of her brain

Dr. Lisa Kujawski - U of M Oncologist now home and in rehab  (she treated Deacon Basil Frencheck)

Violet Mattingly - (neighbor of Greg Mazur) for healing and restoration of her health

Daria Petrykowsky - in treatment for Lung Cancer and respoding well to treatment (dear friend of Ron & Bobbie Royhab)

Alice Zdinak - (mom of Fr. John Zdinak) now home and continuing rehabilitation

Patricia Rentz - recuperating from successful hip replacement surgery (for complete healing and restored health)

Mary Elsea - (sister-in-law of Diane Tryon) for healing and restored health

Frank & Margaret Schupra - for God's strength, healing, and comfort

David Bunge - the cancer has metastasied to his brain, and David has stopped all treatment (husband of Nancy Bunge)

Millie Buddie - Fell Asleep in the Lord, 6 February 2016 - "May God grant her Blessed Repose"

Jim Heffernan - in treatment for cancer (father-in-law of Jennifer Heffernan) we pray for healing & restored health

William Ward - in rehab after a hospital stay (brother-in-law of Ron Royhab)

James Crawford - being treated for cancer; we pray for healing and restored health (prayer request from Charles Clark of Toledo)

Matushka Audrey Nicoloff - hospitalized after her third stroke - we pray for her recovery & restoration to full health

Baby Lucas Goodman - undergoing multiple surgeries to repair a rare heart defect - we pray for his complete healing

Diane Tryon - now receiving dialysis three times per week - we pray for healing and restored health

Margi Habegger - for healing and restored health (sister of Laura Kovach)

Michael Karniotis - being treated for prostate cancer (Dad of Stephanie Kowal) - we pray for healing and restored health

Charles Wiedenhoft -struggling with recurring heart issues - we pray for healing and restored full health

John Mazurik - suffering from progressive dementia - we pray for God's care and comfort

Judy Mazurik - recuperating from successful surgery to remove a tumor in her colon - he pray for healing and restored health

Please remember to update Father David periodically on the condition of those on our prayer list who are not members of the parish.  Individuals who have returned to living without medical restrictions can be removed from this 'Critical List."

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