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Please pray for our sick and homebound:

Please remember the following members of our extended parish family:

Diane Tryon 

Taylor Wilhite 

Michael Monak - (nephew of Jean and Basil Glovinsky)

Joann Carrender - (friend of Sandy Martin)

Mandy Marasek -

The Archpriest Paul White

Norman Glovinsky

Denice Milano - (brother-in-law of Wayne & Heidi Golob)   

Peter Poggiali - for healing and restored health

Rebecca Timko - for healing and restored health

Archpriest Emilian Hutynan - fully recovered from hip replacement; we pray for continued healing and restored full health    

Metropolitan Paul of Aleppo - kidnapped in Syria; we pray for his safe return

Mar Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim - kidnapped in Syria; we pray for his safe return

Chase Cortez -PCHS freshman diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 

Jim Mitnik - For a safe tour of duty in Afghanistan

Karen Milano -for healing and restored health (Heidi Golob's sister)

William Ward -

Candice Casimiro - or God's comfort and healing (sister of a friend of Father David)

Fran Bellman - for healing and restored health (friend of Pastor Robert Butcher)

Larry Noon - in treatment for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma ( high school friend of Sue Guzy and Wayne Golob)

Michael Mazurik - for healing and restored health

Kathy Jacob - for complete healing and restored health (wife of Ron Royhab's cousin)

Marlene Tacey - recuperating from successful surgery for a re-occurrence of cancer (friend of Father David)

Christian Miller - (age 4) - for healing and restored health (great nephew of Sandy, Marguerite, and Sonya)

Lee Waggoner- for healing and restored health

Jim Bargdill - (Valerie's dad) just suffered a stroke, and has clots in his lungs, kidney and carotid artery

Jill Shrock -for healing and restored health (owner of Jill's Bakery)

Deacon Basil Frenchekin treatment for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Edward Brooks -preparing for open-heart surgery (brother of the the parish's next door neighbor, Bill Brooks)

Margi Habegger -

Molly Farmer

Lisa Scadden

Dianna Nordlund   

Norah Bird - (mother-in-law of Marguerite Bird)

Mark Millie - now in hospital, we pray for his healing and restored health (brother of Lisa Rose - daughter-in-law of Joe & Sonya)

George Michael Elchisco - now home and recuperating

 Please remember to update Father David periodically on the condition of those on our pray er list who are not members of the parish.  Individuals who have returned to living without medical restrictions can be removed from this 'Critical List."

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